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For you to be able to use the UPS Enterprise Portal (upsers.com), you need to sign in first. And for you to be able to sign in, you need to enter a user ID and a password. This means that you need to have gone through a sign up/registration process first. It is in the course of signing up/registering that you’d acquire the user ID and password, with which to log in. Yet on the UPS Enterprise Portal sign in page (upsers.com), we find neither a ‘sign up’ nor a ‘register’ button/link. This leaves many people at a loss, on how to go about signing up at upsers.com. But as we will see shortly, the process of signing up/registering at upsers.com is actually quite simple.

How to access the upsers.com sign up page

The upsers.com sign in page also doubles up as the sign up/registration page. This means that you won’t have to go to some other page, to register/sign up as a user on the portal. The Upsers.com login page is, in fact, also the sign up/registration page. There is, however, a ‘Login Help’ page, where you can go to get details on the special login credentials you will need to use when signing up for the first time.

Therefore, you just need to enter the UPS Enterprise Portal web address/URL — which is www.upsers.com — into your browser. The browser will then take you to the portal’s sign in page, which also doubles up as the sign up page.

Once you are on the portal’s login page (at upsers.com), you will notice that there is a space provided for you to enter your user ID. And below it is a ‘Log in help’ link. You may click on the ‘Log in help’ link, in order to be taken to a page where you can find information on the special login credentials you will have to use in your first time sign in. Then on the screen you are taken to, click on the first link: that is the ‘US Domestic, Canada, Puerto Rico and Retired Employees in the UPS Retirement Plan’ link – if you are in any of those categories. When you click on that link, other links will appear below: under the ‘Quick Reference Bookmarks’ section. From those, click on the fourth link: the ‘New User Registration’ link. You will then be taken to a section with details on how to go about signing up. You will then have to go back to the sign in page (upsers.com), to implement the instructions.

What you need to have, when seeking to sign up at upsers.com

When seeking to sign up at upsers.com, you only need to have your UPS employee ID — which you can find on any of your UPS pay stubs. That is the only thing you need to have, to start with. In the course of the registration/sign up process, you will get a chance to set up a password.

How to sign up at upsers.com

  1. Accessing the UPS Enterprise Portal: This is simply a matter of entering the portal’s web address/URL (www. upsers.com) into your browser. Your browser then takes you to the portal. That is, specifically to the portal’s sign in page.
  2. Entering the user ID: the user ID is simply your UPS employee ID. So you enter that number into the user ID space.
  3. Entering the password/first time login PIN: now that you are registering/signing up for the first time, you will have to create a special one-time sign in PIN. You construct this pin yourself: by entering the first 2 letters of your last name, the last 2 digits of your birth year, and the last 3 digits of your employee ID.
  4. Logging in for the first time: having entered the user ID and constructed the first time login PIN, click on ‘Log In’ button, to be signed in.
  5. Creating a proper password: the PIN you will have created is meant to be a one-time login credential. This means that upon logging in using it (for the first time), you are supposed to ‘change password’ — and in the process create the proper password. That is the proper password you will be using thereafter, whenever you want to sign in to the UPS Enterprise Portal at upsers.com.


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